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    We embrace and promote diversity
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    Three recruitment streams
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    The Promise
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The Promise

In late 2009 we launched The Promise, a set of promises we make and are accountable to delivering on to delight our customers.

The Promise was launched to create strong, visible differentiation between ourselves and our competitors as a result of delivering an outstanding customer experience for our clients, contractors and candidates. The Promise is our most important companywide initiative.

“As a proud member of the Ambit team, I believe that extraordinary customer service is not a collection of words but a set of consistent actions and behaviours.

Everything I do is passionately directed at delighting you, our customer, by always delivering on my promises. I want Ambit to be your number one choice in recruitment. I know that your trust and loyalty can only be earned by being accountable to deliver on the promises I make.”


I will…

  • Be respectful
  • Behave ethically
  • Set and manage clear expectations
  • Own and follow through on issues
  • Value people as individuals
  • Act in a friendly, polite and helpful manner
  • Listen to understand… before seeking to be understood
  • Communicate clearly, honestly and openly
  • Say yes or how… never automatically no
  • Delight and wow our customers
  • Deliver on the promises I make
  • Relentlessly pursue excellence

I am Passionate about people


I promise that…

  • I will understand your business, technical and cultural needs and respond by delivering the right candidates
  • I will respond back to you the same business day
  • I will keep you informed with regular market updates
  • I will accurately communicate, promote and protect your employer brand
  • I will be accountable by measuring our effectiveness as a recruitment supplier


I promise that…

  • I will acknowledge and review your application
  • I will keep you updated on the status of your application if you are shortlisted for a role
  • I will respect your privacy and never present you for a role without your consent
  • I will explain our recruitment process to you and outline what you can expect to happen
  • I want to find your next opportunity
  • I will add value to your job search experience


I promise that…

  • I will contact you the week before you commence your new role to ensure you are ready to start
  • I will call at the end of the first week
  • I will call at the end of the first month
  • I will call at the end of your third month and every sixth months after


I promise that…

  • I will pay you on time, if you meet your ongoing obligations and your approved timesheet is received on time… 100% guaranteed
  • I will respond back to you the same business day
  • I will contact you on the first day in your new role
  • I will contact you at the end of the first month of your contract
  • I will contact you during your contract as per our agreed schedule
  • I will call you six weeks before the end of your contract to discuss your options
  • I will proactively assist you to find your next role
  • I will keep you informed with regular market updates


I promise that…

  • I will understand and respect the part other teams play in delighting our customers
  • I will respond back to you the same business day
  • I create a spirit of teamwork to delight our customers
  • I acknowledge requests and will let you know when a task is completed
  • I will deliver within the agreed time frame
  • I will pick up the phone to resolve issues
  • I say thank you
Click here to download a copy of the Promise.
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