• We embrace and promote diversity

    We embrace and promote diversity
    It generates unique insights and ideas

  • Three recruitment streams

    Three recruitment streams
    Covering all your needs

  • Ambit Engineering Promise

    The Promise
    Our customer delight program

  • Submit a Vacancy

    Submit a Vacancy
    Let us help you find the best talent

  • New opportunity alerts

    New opportunity alerts
    Hear about the latest positions first

Interview Tips

Interview Do’s

  • Be on time – you should aim to arrive 10-15 minutes before your interview starts.
  • Pay attention to your personal grooming and dress appropriately for the organisation – research this before your interview.
  • Your success or failure in an interview is determined within the first five minutes – make sure you create a positive first impression.
  • Be sure to smile, give a firm handshake, maintain eye contact and importantly have positive and interested body language.
  • At the beginning of an interview be ready to discuss some of your interests and experiences (most often those outside of work) as an icebreaker.
  • Demonstrate to the interviewer that you have a good understanding of the industry, the company and the role by adding information you have learnt from research to your answers and by asking informed questions of your interviewer.
  • Prepare specific questions about the role and company that you wish to ask.
  • When answering questions, use practical examples from past experiences that demonstrate you have the skills and personality traits for the job.
  • Take your time before answering questions, although not too much time.
  • Listen carefully to questions, if you don’t understand a question, or did not hear it properly, ask for clarification.
  • Always be sure to connect your skills and experience to the needs of the employer.
  • Keep positive throughout – even if the interview seems a disaster.
  • Sell yourself. Your resume has got you this far, but you now need to communicate why you are the right person for the job.
  • Remember it is an interview – don’t be too informal, even though the interviewer may have put you at ease.
  • Always thank them for their time and let them know that you are interested in the role.
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