• We embrace and promote diversity

    We embrace and promote diversity
    It generates unique insights and ideas

  • Three recruitment streams

    Three recruitment streams
    Covering all your needs

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    The Promise
    Our customer delight program

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    Submit a Vacancy
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    New opportunity alerts
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Advice Centre

Common Interview Questions

Before any interview it is worthwhile preparing a list of questions you are likely to be asked and practicing your answers (but don’t memorise them… you will seem robotic).

Interview Questions to ask

You should always have prepared questions about the company and the role as this will demonstrate your interest in the opportunity.

Interview Tips

When answering questions, use practical examples from past experiences that demonstrate you have the skills and personality traits for the job.

Resume Tips

Make sure you take time planning and thinking about your resume, which is not just an overview of your technical skills but should also demonstrate your written, communication and organisational skills.

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